• 125 Mono-Mono 30W  125 Mono-Mono 30W
  • 125 Mono-Mono 20W  125 Mono-Mono 20W
  • Poly 160W-190W  Poly 160W-190W
  • Poly 130W-150W  Poly 130W-150W
  • Poly 100W-120W  Poly 100W-120W
  • Poly 80W-90W  Poly 80W-90W
About Us

  Dortmund Energy Co.,Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy utilization, devoted to the supply of solar energy-saving and solar products for more than 8 years.

  With years of development, our service has been spreading all over world step by step. More and more products provide by us can be found in different parts of …


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  • Green PV : www.greenpv.net
  • Great Solar : www.great-solar.com